Name: Brenten Witherby

Name: Kirby Oren

How old are you and your fiancée? 27 and 24

What do you do for  a living? Loan officer for Rockford Local Development.  Fiancee: Bilingual 3rd Grade teacher

How did the two of you meet?  Graduate programs at Rockford College

How long have you been dating?  A few years (1.5+)

When and how were you engaged?  July 5, 2008 – at a friend’s wedding reception!

Have you set a date for your wedding?  When?  April 18, 2008 in Rockford

Why do you think it would be fun to get married on the ice?  Nobody thinks we can or will.

Why do you think you should win this contest?  We are deserving, young and poor.  (My mom has been involved in ‘Hogs for 10 years and just had quadruplets).  Season ticket holders.  C & C customers.  Hockey fans/volunteers.

Describe each other’s personality:  Kirby is the nicest person in the world.  Very caring.  Fun, but in a shy way at times.  Brenten is a go-getter, very thoughtful and smart!  He also doesn’t articulate feelings with words well (because I’m amazing).

What are your hobbies?  You can find us at Peak and Hogs games.  Brenten’s a hockey guy and Kirby is a swimmer.

What is the most outrageous thing you and your fiancée have done?  We’ve wrestled outside in the rain alongside a busy thoroughfare!

What is the most outrageous thing you would do to win a wedding?  Think “Team Justice” (Chapter 10) in Mystery, Alaska (DVD).  Cliff’s Notes version: guy skates nearly naked and slides into a snow pile.

Tell us something unusual about you as a couple:  Our first date was (supposed to be) kayaking!

Which most closely describes your personality?  I’m the coach; you know it when I’m not happy, but I’m always proud of my team

Which most closely describes your significant other?  I’m the goalie; I don’t let anyone or anything get close to what’s important to me.

Imagine yourself at a wedding reception.  Which one is you and which one is your significant other?  I’m Uncle Joe; I only come for the free drinks, and I capitalize on it!