NAME: Jessica Cummings

NAME: Tony Hecker

How old are you? Your fiancée? I am 23 and my fiancee is 30.

What do you do for a living? Your fiancée? I started my teaching career and Tony is an examiner at Blue Cross.

How did the two of you meet? We met through another couple.

How long have you been dating? 3 years, 4 months

When and how were you engaged? In August, Tony purposed at Chili's on our anniversary.

Do you have a wedding date set? If so, what is the date? Yes, May 1, 2010

Why do you think it would be fun to get married on the ice? It is a very unique opportunity and Tony and I love hockey.

Why should you win this contest? I grew up in the Quad City area and as a child, I went to and enjoyed many Mallards hockey games. When Tony and I started dating, he took me to see several IceHogs games, which I loved. I quickly turned into a Hogs fan. I am now living in Rockford and getting married at an Ice Hogs game would symbolize our union and commitment to Rockford's sports culture!

Describe each other's personality. I am very outgoing and love to socialize. I love going out and enjoying the Rockford area. Although i like to have fun, I am also very responsible. I just finished my degree at Northern Illinois University and am teaching at Walter Lawson Children's Home. Tony used to be very shy, but has become more outgoing throughout the years. He is also very bright when working with technology. He has been nice enough to keep my computer working while I was in college as well as helping my family keep functional computers. He is very outgoing when we attend sporting events.

What are your hobbies? And your fiancée's? I love scrapbooking, reading, traveling, and shopping. Tony likes to play video games and fixing computers. We both love game shows, football, and of course, the IceHogs!!

What is the most outrageous thing you and your fiancée have done? We went on a rafting trip a few summers ago. The whole rafting experience would take about 5 hours once we got onto the river. At the end of the river, there are 2 exits. You can go left and just leve your raft on the regular dock or you can veer right and go down a huge drop ending with a 10 ft waterfall. We decided to go right. Soon after we made our decision, I was questioning how wise our decision was. I was nearly in tears and terrified. As we started picking up speed, we collided with another raft sending us sideways down the drop. I flipped backwards out of the boat. Tony knowing I would be terrified, jumped out of our raft, making sure I was okay. We were both okay and very glad we had turned to the right!!

What is the most outrageous thing you would do to win this wedding? Tony would play an actual game of hockey and get into a fight to win. I would dance, dress up in a crazy outfit, and try to convince complete strangers we deserve the wedding.

Tell us something unusual about you as a couple. For the first two years of our relationship, we only saw each other on the weekends and sometimes every other weekend becuase I was going to school and was living in the Quad City area in the summer months.

Which of these most closely describes you? I'm a scratched player; I'd like to be part of the action but find myself watching.

Which of these most closely describes your significant other? I'm a scratched player; I'd like to be part of the action but find myself watching.
Imagine yourself at a wedding reception. Which one is you? I'm Uncle Joe; I only come for the free drinks, and I capitalize on it!

Imagine yourself at a wedding reception. Which one is your significant other? I'm Flower Girl Susie; I'm bored but at least there's cake!