NAME:  Jessica Bird

NAME:  Benjamin Richards

How old are you? Your fiancée?  I am 22 and Ben is 25

What do you do for a living? Your fiancée?  I am currently unemployed and looking for a job. Ben works at lube pros.

How did the two of you meet?  We met when I was delivering auto parts for Advance Auto Parts.

How long have you been dating?  Almost a year

When and how were you engaged?  We got engaged a few months ago. He took me out to a movie and then we just went to have dinner at this place by the mall. It was really cool because it was unexpected.

Do you have a wedding date set? If so, what is the date?  We set it for June 5, 2010 because we need time to save money but we would be willing to move it up for this.

Why do you think it would be fun to get married on the ice?  It would be fun and different.

Why should you win this contest?  I think we should win because we are young and hard working and it's hard to save money.

Describe each other's personality.  We are both fun and easy going. We can get along with just about anyone.

What are your hobbies? And your fiancée's?  I'm into music and movies and that sort of thing. He is really into cars, racing, and horror films.

What is the most outrageous thing you and your fiancée have done?  I'm not really sure but some people thought it was crazy when we moved in together.

What is the most outrageous thing you would do to win this wedding?  Whatever it takes really. Not to sound desperate or anything but this would really be a great opportunity for us to be able to have a great wedding and not be totally broke afterwards.

Tell us something unusual about you as a couple.  Well some people would say it's unusual that we have been living together almost since day 1 of dating. We get along so great we haven't really had any major issues.

Are you right or left handed?  Right

Is your fiancée right or left handed?  Right

Which of these most closely describes you?  I'm the rabid fan; I love my team and am never afraid to show it!

Which of these most closely describes your significant other?  I'm the coach; You know it when I'm not happy but I'm alway proud of my team.

Imagine yourself at a wedding reception. Which one is you?  I'm the Mother of the Bride; I can't stop crying!

Imagine yourself at a wedding reception. Which one is your significant other?  I'm Flower Girl Susie; I'm bored but at least there's cake!  I'm the Groom; I'm sweating bullets... Did I just make a mistake?